Make Some Extra Money These Holidays

The holiday season is started in full swing. In our previous post, we provided information regarding books recommended by Bill Gates for this season. Reading is one of the best ways to spend holidays.

But if you want to make some extra money this season, here is a list of few seasonal jobs which can help you in making some good money.

Santa Claus

If you love acting then Santa Claus is one of the options for you. You can work at private parties, malls, and department stores. You can get paid $100- $200 per hour and on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day there is an increase in pay.

Skills Needed: Acting skills and people skills.

Personal  Shopper

A personal shopper is a person who offers advice and suggestions to help others shop. You can work with department stores and boutiques or work independently as a freelancer. You can earn around $80 – $150 per hour.

Skill Needed: Communication skills, time management skills and sales skills.

Event Planner

Event Planner is responsible for all aspects of events including location, decor, catering, transportation, entertainment, etc. You can earn around $15- $30 per hour.

Skill Needed: Communication skills, creativity, and overall management skills.

Customer Service Representatives

If you are good at dealing with people then this job is for you. This job is to maintain a good relationship with clients, taking phone calls, respond to customer/client inquiries, enter orders, process payments are some main components of this job. You can make around $10- $30 per hour in this job and ‘work from home’ option also available in these jobs.

Skills needed: Communication skills, data entry, and basic computer skills, time management skills, problem-solving skills, and most important Product knowledge.

Delivery Jobs

Shipping companies provide various seasonal jobs to keep up with the demand for the holiday season to distribute parcels across the world. Many posts allow these employees to use their own vehicles while other posts require a company vehicle to be used.

Usually, companies post morning and evening hours, and average wages range from $12-$20 an hour.

Skills Needed: Map reading and navigation skills, time management skills and driving skills in some cases.


Photographers are responsible for taking Photographs, and possibly even developing / editing photos. You can make $14-$25 per hour on holidays. You can either work for companies or may work as a freelancer.


Skill Needed: Photography skills and photo editing skills

You can do innovative seasonal decorations in stores, buildings, hotels, restaurants, private homes, and events. You can make around $ 9 to $ 20 per hour.

Skills Needed: Past holiday decorating experience can help but if you have a good aesthetic sense than it is more than enough.


If you love cooking then on holidays there are many openings in local bakeries and in the bakery sections at stores. You can also take orders through social media and deliver particular bakery items to the client directly. You can earn from $8 to $ 30 per hour.

Skills Needed: Baking and cooking skills.

Other Jobs

There are also many other part-time jobs available in a market like a Restaurant greeter, Gift wrapper, Warehouse worker, Delivery driver, Snow removal professionals, Marketing professional and Social media assistant, etc.

Choose your favorite niche and make some extra money these holidays.

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