Importance of TikTok in Today’s Business

What Do Think About TikTok?

An App for Kids and Non-serious people… TikTok for Your Business is Big No… Because Business is a very serious game and TikTok is for unprofessional people. So I don’t want TikTok….

Before Jump to the final decision; Look at Some of the Stats; 

About 70% of the Users are over the age of 20, So it has a pretty Adult Audience

About 30% of the Users are over the age of 30, And This group is the fastest-growing age demographic on the platform.

And another interesting fact is that TikTok has now exceeded the watch time of both Facebook and YouTube.

Facebook recently revealed that people, in general, are more than likely to trust videos that are made from mobile phones than something that is well produced by a whole team.

One of the major attractions of TikTok for Business Users is Low Budget; Yes one point is ‘You Don’t Need Big Production Team’ But the feature of ‘For You’ in TikTok is the main thing that pretty much guarantees that your content will get in front of people who don’t follow you, and in a very targeted way, which basically means that your ad budget for TikTok can be extremely low, or ideally nonexistent.

So, if you thought that TikTok was beneath you, or seemingly unprofessional,

Think again.

This actually might be the best way to connect in a trustworthy and authentic way with your potential customers.

And remember, these are videos that are meant to be created, and definitely consumed from your phone, ideally less than one minute, or even less than 30 seconds.

TikTok Mastery for Business

The built-in features on TikTok will make it as easy as possible, for you to actually film and edit those videos, using only your phone.

Although, Many Bigs brands like Google, Facebook, and YouTube are not active on TikTok.

But, some major brands like NBA, HP, NFL, CNN, The Washington Post, etc. use TikTok Very effectively for their business.

So, If You don’t have TikTok Account for Your Business, Create it Now and give your business new dimensions.

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