Invest the ‘Golden Hour’ In Yourself

The most dominant personal growth factor and lifetime success have to do with the “golden hour” of your day.

According to famous motivational speaker and author Brian Tracy;

Invest the first hour of the day, the ‘Golden Hour,’ in yourself

What is the Golden Hour?

As per the dictionary, ‘The golden hour is the daytime period immediately after sunrise or before sunset’. But if we refer to Brian Tracy quotes, the golden hour is the first hour of the day that is early in the morning.

The ideas which come to your mind in the first hour of the morning (the golden hour), have a strong influence on how the rest of the day you think, feel and act.

How to take advantage of Golden Hour

Begin each day in a thoughtful productive manner that will set you in the hours ahead for greater success. If you start to emerge early and invest in yourself for the first hour, you’ll be amazed at the difference in how you feel and the results you will get.

Things to Do in Golden Hour

Wake Up

Wake up early in the morning (in the golden hour). Try to wake the same time daily even over weekends.

Kick-Off Your Day

Drink water, fresh up yourself, Pray and have a nice and healthy breakfast.


Before reading the newspaper, watching television or listing to the radio, Read the motivational or educational books/articles. Make sure the first thing you put in your mind in the morning is optimistic and positive things which consistent with the kind of life you want to live.

Set Goals

After your morning reading session, take a notebook and write 5-10 short term and long term goals. Make sure goals are smart goals, means it must be Realistic, Achievable, Specific and Measurable,

Meditate and Exercise

Exercising in the morning has a lot of benefits, including increasing your strength, improving your metabolism and overall making you happier.

Even a few minutes of your morning rigorous workout and Meditation will give you a sense of success and a positive attitude for the day ahead

Make a To-Do List

After Meditation and Exercise routine, read your goals again, Plan your day in advance, prepare a to-do list for a day and organize it on the basis of priority and importance. Start working on your most valuable and important task immediately before you do anything else.

When you start and finish your task first thing in the morning. you will feel an increase in energy and confidence that will improve your overall productivity significantly for the rest of the day.

Pick Up The Pace

Finally, Don.t waste the time, quickly complete one task and move to another task. The quicker you drive, the more you will feel in control of your life.

If possible listen to motivational and educational podcasts during exercise or driving.

By following the above routine, your thinking will be changed and you will start improving yourself and will succeed in all levels of life.

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